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To Dictate, or to Lead

30 May

A smart boss hires smarter people.

Is this shocking to you? Could you never imagine hiring someone who is smarter than you? Maybe they will take your job someday from you? Maybe they will make you feel foolish someday. Surely they will make you feel inferior. Until you get over these insecurities, you will remain a dictator, not a leader.

People who are dictators make demands of their employees. They set deadlines and tell their employees how to reach them, insisting that they follow their directions to the “T.” They punish their employees for their mistakes. They force their employees to either be miniature versions of themselves, or get out. They like to hire “yes” men. They demand fearful respect.

People who are leaders hire people they can trust to get the work done for them. They respect their employees for their knowledge, and praise them regularly for the superior work they do. They guide them in the right direction, but don’t tell them how to do it. They share with them the accolades for a job well done. They acknowledge their employees’ strengths and challenge them to keep those strengths honed. They ask for their educated suggestions, and use them. They earn their employees’ respect by default.

Which are you? I’m just sayin’…

Later, Me

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